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Frequently asked questions

1.At what age one can use Step Up?

Height up course can be begin at the age of 8 + to 30+ years , it's better to start course earlier and sooner you will get the results.

2.Is Step Up Increaser course  useful for everyone ,male or female? Who can use Step Up course?

Step Up course is effective for both male and female ,any healthy individual can use this course to improve, Increase over all development of his body without any side effect of any kind.

3.Up to what age Step Up Height Increaser course gives results?

According to Ayurveda , there are possibilities of improvement or development in body system (yuva avastha ) in Ayurveda yuva avasth is considered till age 30, there are possibilities of getting great results till age of 30. As the age increases the possibilities for increasing height decreases due to low level of growth hormone secretion

4.Is there any diet restriction or we should follow diet chart.

No, there is no diet restriction .PEOPLE can eat veg or non-veg food

5.Do I need to take " Step Up" over a long period to maintain my height?

You do not.  If you reach a height that you are happy with then there is no need for you to continue with the heightup.  Your height will not deteriorate should you stop taking "Step Up”.

6.When can I expect to see some results?

It can take from 2 to 4 months for some people to achieve noticeable results.   Again some people have seen a result after just taking a one month course.   Obviously not everyone is the same in body structure, weight etc and it may mean taking "Grow Tall" for longer periods to see some results.  It is recommended that you perhaps have a four or six month course to give you better results.

7.What would happen if I missed taking this medicine?

If you miss taking a medicine, for example one evening, then do not worry – just continue with the dosage you would normally take in the morning.  DO NOT take to compensate the fact that you missed one earlier.

8.What if I am on long term medication or are pregnant? It is advisable to take the medicine?

We would advise to consult to the concern doctor.

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